Sunday, July 26, 2015

Gluster News of week #29/2015

An other week has passed, and here is an other “Gluster Weekly News” post. Please add topics for the next post to the etherpad. Anything that is worth noting can be added, contributions from anyone are very much appreciated.
GlusterFS 3.5.5 landed in the Fedora 21 updates repository (moved out of updates-testing).

Fedora 23 has been branched from Rawhide and will contain GlusterFS 3.7. Previous Fedora releases will stick with the stable branches, meaning F22 keeps glusterfs-3.6 and F21 will stay with glusterfs-3.5.

Shared Storage for Containers in Cloud66 using Gluster.
Real Internet Solutions from Belgium (Dutch only website) started to deploy a Gluster solution for their multi-datacenter Cloud Storage products.

Wednesday the regular community meeting took place under the guidance of Atin. He posted the minutes so that everyone else can follow what was discussed.

Several Gluster talks have been accepted for LinuxCon/CloudOpen Europe in Dublin. The accepted talks have been added (with links) to our event etherpad. Attendees interested in meeting other Gluster community people should add their names to the list on the etherpad, maybe we can setup a Gluster meetup or something.

More Gluster topics have been proposed for the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo. Go to and search for “gluster” to see them all. You can vote for talks you would like to attend.

GlusterFS 3.7.3 is going to be released by Kaushal early next week.

Documentation update describing the different projects for users, developers, website and feature planning. More feedback for these suggestions are very welcome.
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